• Industrial twisted ropes

  • Boat fishing ropes and twine



Galit independent shop for possamanterie is a family company and has been founded. 01.01.2005. We are producing rope, twine, tape and products from these materials.


Years of experience combined with the highest quality raw materials and modern design enabled our customers the best quality at very affordable prices

In our production we are using diverse composition (poliamd, polypropylene, polyester ...) that can be modify depending on your needs and desires of the clients products.

Our workshop

Everything starts here

To be able to provide our customers the highest possible quality to which we are accustomed, it is necessary that in the process of production are included tehnology and latest achievements. As a starting point in the development of each of our products is certainly our workshop is equipped with modern machinery, which in combination with innovative ideas give our products a unique quality and design for which we are known.

Place for yours commercial

Place for yours commercial

Place for yours commercial

Place for yours commercial